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  • Google Captcha will cost them.
    Google Captcha will cost them. Google has decided to use Captcha! Maybe someone in Google thinks this is a good idea but I doubt they will think that for long. Having run into Captcha several times I started to use other search engines. If I'm doing it others will do it too. So Wall Street should not be surprised if Google's profit is down in the next two quarters. Search spam is a problem one which we experienced firsthand. We…
    Written on Saturday, 12 September 2015 20:23 in Hot Topics

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  • Yahoo going south
    Yahoo going south Yahoo and Yext A client had wanted to update his Yahoo Maps listing and said they couldn’t find a claim this business link. I decided to take a look and see what happened as Yahoo did have it not that long ago. When I checked the maps listings sure enough there was no way to claim or edit a business. Then I thought maybe they only allow you to see the claim link if you…
    Written on Sunday, 16 August 2015 20:09 in Hot Topics

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