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CW3 Form Mail


New version! Added is file Upload / Email and more
Our script is easy to install and customizable
You can change the form sizes and return message page with ease!!
Many other scripts will not prevent abuse from spammers!
We trap out common abuse tactics and insure your mail is being sent from your website.
You only need to edit the config file to setup the script for your website. 

This code is tested on Windows and Linux serverscw3mail.gif and hundreds of sites are using it.
End you email problems with this Form mail solution.
Using an Email Form prevents spammers from harvesting your email address
And using this Script prevents spammers from gaining access to your mail account or their bots from sending Spam.


How does it work?

Our script filters out those terms used by spammers that will instruct your mail server to send their message. It checks for header info and mail replacement addresses. We wrote it so that it is user friendly and blocks abuse. Some scripts will block so many characters that a person may find it hard to write his message! While others will cause the message to be converted to a one line very long message. We avoided these methods so as to have some sanity as to the system. Our script will only filter out those that need be filtered! Should a spammer try to send mail through this script it will present them with a message It will state 'Misuse of our system will result in a complaint filed to your ISP' and show the Spammer his IP Address You have an option to send you an email with this IP address should you set it. The script also checks if the message was sent from your website which prevents spammers from running a script on their PC This script checks for any form of abuse and will stop it while still maintaining easy use by those that just want to contact you. Who is effected by email form hijacking? Any method that uses a form on a webpage is effected! It does not matter if it's Windows or Linux nor does it matter if it's a script or mail form! If you have a form on your website that does not use a safe script then you are subject to mail abuse. The only cure is to add a safe script to check the mail and stop it before it's sent if it's from an abuser

On Version 3 we have file email or file upload to a folder.
Also added are functions to remember what a user typed so when a user hits the back link the form is populated with what was typed.

We have on Version 2 added a random code generator and Graphic verify to end Bot abuse.
The code will stop bots from hitting your email page since they can not get the correct code to continue.
You can also set the script to show a graphic which displays the code and user input  for verification.
No other Email script gives so many features!

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07 Oct 2016
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CW3 Web Hosting
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07 Oct 2016
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